I am excited to now feature some of my hymns and worship songs suitable for congregation or small to large choirs! In this collection you'll find several ancient hymns done to new tunes from my ongoing collection in progress titled, Songs of My Fathers. The words of so many of these ancient hymns resonate with sound teachings of the historic Christian faith, such as the deity of Christ, the Trinity, His incarnation, and God's attributes.

A Collection of Hymns, Responsorials, and Anthems suitable for Small Choirs and Congregational Singing
By Composer and Arranger Deborah A. Capece

Tunes & Arrangements by the Composer
From her Songs of My Fathers Collection

New Tunes by the Composer

Lyrics and Music by the Composer

*Indicates piano and additional C instrument accompaniment.

$2.00 per Hymn, All 10 Hymns for $8.00
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Permission granted to make multiple copies at no additional charge.
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About the Author & Composer

Deborah Capece is a graduate of Kutztown University's music program and is a composer, lyricist, writer and music teacher. Ms. Capece has been composing music for over twenty years and has produced two recordings of her own songs, Be Still and Know and The God Who Sees Me and two audio books for children, Mama Three Legs and the Land of Forget Me Not and Be Careful What You Wish For.